"Art enables us to lose ourselves, and find ourselves at the same time."~ Thomas Merton

I have loved drawing and painting as long as I can remember.
It has always been a way to express myself, and find balance in my life.

I love color. Color is a means to convey energy and emotion.
When people view my work I hope that they will be able to connect to it in a way that speaks to them personally. I enjoy working with both oil, and watercolor. My technique varies depending on my mood and subject. 

For me painting represents a lifelong process of challenges, learning and growth. I love to be lost in time, and totally absorbed while I am painting."Creating" through art is a spiritual journey that I truly cherish.

I am so lucky to live in Hawai'i with so many gorgeous vistas and lush "scapes". The colors are breathtaking. I find myself stopping to pause and breathe in the beauty every moment of every day. The islands and its people are very special. Aloha abounds.

I sign my work with my initials, SB, which when connected resemble a butterfly~ my personal sign of emergence and balance.

     www.sbartwork.com             email: sharonbakerart@gmail.com

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