Mary Anne Long, Hau`ula, Hawaii

MaryAnne Long
Hau`ula, Hawaii

I found art later in life.  Or maybe art found me???  Regardless, what a wonderful way to spend my time in retirement.

I work in oils, watercolor, and pencil.  I like all three equally, as each has a purpose for me.

Most of my oils are scenes of Hawaii or my former home area of Cape Cod.  I like the richness and depth of oil paintings.

My watercolors are mostly flowers or familiar sites.  I am trying to do more loose watercolor, but giving up control is not easy to do. I am also experimenting with using hemp paper for watercolor paintings.

Sketching with graphite pencil is something I try to do daily.  I carry a sketching kit with me almost everywhere. 
In trying to find a niche in art, I started painting what I call “Ghost Palms.”  The rich background colors and the white trees seem very eye-catching.

For the past two years, I have been writing mini-tutorials to complement video art lessons for paintbasket.com and will begin writing their monthy newsletter this month.  It has been a fantastic opportunity for me to learn art skills and techniques.

MaryAnne Long
PO Box 418 
Hauula, HI 96717

Website: longlostart.weebly.com

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