Tanya D'Avanzo

"My interest in portraits grows out of my work as a clinical psychologist, with an understanding of the universal appeal of the face as a visual stimulus evoking strong emotion. My art is influenced by both European modernists and American portrait painters. I use color as a means for creating mood and stirring the imagination."

Tanya D’Avanzo’s artworks have appeared in over 20 public exhibits including over 10 juried shows.  In 2009, she was selected as one of the Artists of Hawaii at the Honolulu Academy of Art.  She has had 5 solo art shows, was a winner of a People’s Choice Award at a Figures and Portraits exhibition, and a recipient of an Honorable Mention at the Second Annual Miniature Show by the Association of Hawaii Artists. Her works appear in private collections in Honolulu, the Netherlands, San Francisco, Portland, and New York. 

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